Monday, May 19, 2014

Crop for June!

Convention is in last part of the month this year and I am un able to go this year so I am going to have a crop!  It is all week long!  Monday to Saturday!  From 9am to 8pm!  Friday is an all night crop! Saturday can go as late as 12 am!

You can contact me with days and times!  I will fill you in so that way we don't run out of space!  Yes bring a friend (s) with you!  Door prizes, gifts, and a few stamp sets to use!  Bring your stash to make room for the new items coming in Aug 2014!!!  Can't wait to see all the fall products!  Wow a bigger Idea book and two smaller ones!  Well share at the crop with more details!

I am so looking forward to this time to crop with my Friends!

Please if you want a new Idea book please let me know during the crop!  I will have a sign up sheet so i dont forget any one!

See you there!  I will also remind you about this crop!!!  Can't wait to see you.  Contact me any time to sign up!!! :) :) :)

Legacy of the heart!

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