Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter 2014

I hope that you have an awesome day filled with all the faith, love, laughter, smiles, and memories you can muster!

Photo shoot for the Family!
Easter egg hunts!
Just getting out and taking a good look at Gods handy work and all the blessings he has given freely of him self!  Love those nature walks!  Taken the time to talk to my family and friends getting so see those that I have not gotten to see in ages!  I am an earth person, and being in nature and the great outdoors is one of my Favorite pass times!  I love the little critters too!  So fun to watch!  I loved it when you come with in inch of one of them or if you are just setting there still and they come with in reach of ya...OMG what a rush that is!  Love it!  Can't get any better or closer to God than that!   It is the little things!

Happy Easter!

Legacy of the Heart!

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