Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Catty, New Product! CTMH out did there selves again

WOW!  New Catty, New Product and a New holiday mini catty coming out In Oct.  Can't wait to get my hot hands on those!!!!
But now on to the New Now that is all the buzz!!

CTMH's New Autumn Winter Catalog

Click on the words above to go see and buy this awesome must have Collection! 

There is lots of New Product in this Catalog!  It is a must see.  I know you will fall in love with it all!  Book a gathering to earn free product!  Place an order on my website

I was so fornicate  to have won this at the Pajama Party!! 
Make sure you go and sign up for the next one if you are not signed up as of yet!  It is so worth watching!  I just love it!  This was the second one and I have had a blast at both of them!  I love it as I can watch in my Pajama's!  So cool!  And so relaxing! 
I am so looking forward to receiving the Artbooking Collection!  What an honor that was to know I had Won the Artbooking Collection!  

Pajama Party is put on like every 3months by Big Picture Classes!  CTMH partnered with them!  The Pajama Party is free and CTMH is the sponcer!
Love CTMH!  They Rock!!!  Ok enough of my bragging now on to the task at hand!

Here is a sneak peak at one of the New Crush book we now carry!  Really beautiful books!  There is Two to choose from!  I like them both!!  I am excited to get my hands on them!  And the Stamp set for each and the goodies that you can get to put in them!  I can't wait to start one for my New Chapter in my life!   These also will make great gifts as well!  For Girls, Teens, Camp, Camping, Vacations, Events for teens high school etc.,  Everyday life....and the list goes on!!   Love it!  I am really super excited about these new products!   Oh I will always paper craft but these are great too!  

                                      My Crush Bluebird

Click on the Word My Crush Bluebird :)

CTMH  didn't figure on the hugh response to these books as they have.  So they are on back order and will be available this month!  Don't have a date as of yet!  But we all are hoping soon they will be back in stock! If they did get the shipment in of them this week they sold out that fast!  These are very popular so they will sell out fast just keep looking back and I will keep you informed of when they are in stock so you can order them!  But the Assortments are there and can be ordered now!!!!  I love it!  

This months CC is Spend $50.00 and get the stamp of the month: FREE  Yes you see that right FREE!!!!   Yeah!!!  
So excited about this!  You will not believe what is is....A must have Stamp set!!!
Chocolate :)   Wow can you believe it!!!  Awesome!!   Love it!!!!
Click on the Word Chocolate and it will take you to the stamp of the month!!

If you have any question feel free   Shoot me an email 

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