Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug 2013

Here it is Aug already!

Our children will be going back to school soon.  Summer will be turning in to Autumn/Fall Splendor!  I love the colors of Fall!   I am a earthy person!  I love this time of year!  Not too hot not too cold, just right weather!   The harvest! Ohhh the great things that are and have been harvested!  I love my garden! It is such a great time well spent!  I look forward to that every day!  

I will be starting a new chapter in my life starting in Sept!   This is the month that has a lot of memories in it for me.  Some not so good and a lot that is good too.
My grandfather died in Sept.  My niece was born in Sept!  My father inlaw and a sister in law has a birthday in Sept!  So I guess the good out weight the bad  I am blessed in more ways then one.  So this is the month I will start my New Chapter.
There will be more on this in Sept!    I am excited to be starting it!  I will be so blessed as will my family!   I am getting excited but need to work out some bugs yet!  I want this to be a smooth transition!  At least as smooth as possible.  Hey I know that things some times don't work out like you want them but at least I want to start off strong and keep going!!

I will be keeping in touch with my new chapter from time to time!  I am not sure if I want to make an other blog for just this or if I should make an other blog just for that?  I was thinking of just posting here so all my friends and family could see how I am doing!  So I can be held accountable to stick with it!  

I can use feed back on this so please comment and share our Option!  Thanks everyone for helping out!  

I will be using CTMH Crush books to help record the New Chapter too!  I can't wait to get my hands on those books!  Some thing to look forward too!!   I just love CTMH!!!!   Awesome, They ROCK!!

I know God will lead me in the right tack!  Just would love to have others for support!  Thanks again everyone!

Leave a legacy for yours today!  It is never too late!

Legacy of the Heart!

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