Saturday, January 19, 2013

Organizing With CTMH

My Large and Med. Storage Organizers come today!  This are a must have!  The large one stores so many stamp sets.  Now I have so much more room for something else now with org. my stamp sets in the large org.   I am so pleased with it!     The Med Storage Organizer is just as awesome as well.  I will be able to put my tools in that to take to crops or have when I have workshops I can put items I might need on hand.  I am going to get the Small Storage Organizer also!  I will also buy more Organizers as I need them.  This is a truely great product that CTMH has added to there already wonderful product line!  

The best of all is they stack on top of each other and makes storing them even more of an ease!   Easy to use Ease store and takes up way less space then I had the stamps in!  I am so excited about this new product!  I can't say enough great things about this product.  

I had to feature this product this month!  I know they are a must have!  So excited about them!  I know I will be using more and more of each of these as I need them.  

Plus they can be used for other then crafting!  use them in any part of your home that needs more storage but with limited space.  These are great in the bathroom.  I put all extra items that we are not using in them and I have my make up and brushes other tolity items in them.  I just love how versatile they are!   

The large Organizer will not be available until Feb 1, 2013!   The Med and small ;you can see now!  I can't wait to get some more!

Click here to see and purchase them!

Happy Paper Crafting.  

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